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Cahors Wines has created this privacy statement in order to make clear our commitment to the privacy of visitors to our website. In the following you can read how we handle information which we get on this website of our visitors .

Information is automatically in our server log files kept.
The server on which our site is hosted, keeps logs, as all servers do. We use the data from these log files (IP addresses, browser type, times, pages visited, files downloaded) for the following purposes:

For problems with the server to diagnose.
For information on the frequency of visits to our site, the
preference for information and the browser types used.

With this information we try to do our best to match the preferences of our visitors. This information is not by us converted to individual users. We use this information for commercial or other purposes than described here, nor do we provide this information to third parties.

If you have questions about this privacy statement or your interaction with our website please e-mail to the webmaster of this site.

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